Published December 23, 2015


The Turner County Board of Commissioners will have a “called/work session” meeting on Tuesday, December 29, 2015 at 6:00 P.M. at the Turner County Agricultural Center for the following purpose(s):

1.      New Business:

a.    Consider amending county manager office resolution.

b.    Consider purchasing card and credit card ordinance for elected officials.


2.      General Discussion:

a.      Forestry: Annual Report – Brad Gregory.

b.      Discuss appointment of Chairman for 2016.

c.      Discuss appointment of Vice-Chairman for 2016.

d.      Discuss appointment of County Clerk.

e.      Discuss appointment of County Attorney.

f.       Discuss setting qualifying fees for 2016.

g.      Discuss appointment of County Legislative Coordinator (CLC).

h.      Discuss resolution for 2016 Joint Comprehensive Plan.

i.       Discuss Budget Amendments for FY 2015-2016


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