Published September 10, 2014

Commission approves change to garbage signups

Courtesy The Wiregrass Farmer
From now on when someone signs up for garbage service in the county, the bill will be sent to the property owner. 

The Commissioners unanimously made this change at last week’s meeting. The previous policy had whomever was living in the house was responsible for the garbage bill. Motion Greg Hudgins/Joe Burgess.

The Commission hopes this will cut down on the number of renters who don’t pay the garbage bill. The change was effective Wednesday morning.

Commissioner Brad Calhoun asked what would happen if no one applied for garbage service.

“It will be affixed to the property. Eventually we will be compensated for the service,” said Commission Chairman Sam McCard. “We should not make it optional.”

The change only affects new customers. It does not affect current accounts.

County Building Inspector Mike Mastrario raised two issues: 1) Mobile homes. Sometimes a person owns the home, but rents the lot
where the home sits. 2) Multi-person ownership of the land. He said sometimes a piece of property will be carved off a farm for a house. Several people own the land, but only one (or the couple living there) own the home.

He said a garbage account could be issued at the same time as an occupation permit. However, mobile homes remain an issue.

“Work with the Tax Assessor,” Mr. McCard said. Find out who gets a tax notice and that person should be responsible. “The key is the property owner, not the land owner.”

“Somebody is in charge,” said Commissioner Burgess.

As of Monday morning, County records show Mr. Burgess owes $757.08 on a past due garbage bill.

Garbage in Turner County is a residential tax, not a service fee. The Commissioners also discussed putting garbage bills on the property tax rolls as way to increase collections.

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