Published February 17, 2015

A plea posting for house numbers

Courtesy The Wiregrass Farmer

Ashburn and Turner County’s emergency services departments are urging people to put numbers on their homes.

Ashburn’s Code Enforcement Officer Willie Rainey said a number of homes have been covered with vinyl siding and house numbers were not replaced. These numbers are vital in an emergency, he said.

“Please, put house numbers up. We’d prefer they be somewhere near the door and prefer the numbers be reflective. But do whatever you can afford,” Mr. Rainey said. “As long as the numbers are there and visible from the road.”

Reflective numbers are recommended because they show up well at night when a flashlight shines on them.

Large numbers are also recommended.

“Please, make it easy on us,” said Robby Royal, Turner County’s EMS director. “We’re trying to get to you in an emergency
and we need help finding your house. Big, reflective numbers make it easy for us to see your house number.”

For people who live out in the county, well off the road, big reflective numbers at the driveway are best.

“Put the numbers on your mailbox or on a sign at the drive,” Mr. Royal said.

Mr. Rainey said he will be contacting landlords asking them to put house numbers up on rental properties.

Both men said the emergency services workers may know where a person lives, but there’s no guarantee of that.

“Put the house numbers up. In an emergency, seconds count. You don’t want the ambulance driving around trying to find your house because there are no house numbers for them to find,” Mr. Rainey said. “It’s a matter of your safety.”

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