Tax Assessor

  Sylvia Lamb
Assessor & Chief Appraiser

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The Tax Assessors' Office provides the following services for Turner County Residents:

The Tax Assessors' Office reviews and values real and personal property subject to taxation in Turner County.

It is our duty and responsibility to keep up with technology, changing tax codes, methods, procedures, and local property values in order to produce an acceptable property tax digest. Counties are subject to financial penalties if the Georgia Department of Revenue finds the tax digest deficient.

Our goal is to apply the property tax code fairly and to reflect goodwill, temperance, and fairness in carrying out our duties.

We pledge to support, encourage, and cooperate with the County governing authority, the Board of Equalization, and the Tax Commissioner's Office, which collects and distributes the taxes we assess. Working together for the common good, our respective operations use uniform standards in discharging our joint duties.

Kim Hanner
Assessor & Assistant Chief Appraiser
Sandra Hill
Assessor & Appraiser

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