Public Works

  Dustin Beaty
Public Works Director

The Road Department provides the following services for Turner County Residents:

         ♦  Maintain county roads: paving, patching, scraping, sanding and bridge repair.
         ♦  Maintain county right of ways: mowing, cut bushes, clearing and ditching.
         ♦  Install: driveways, cross drains, haul dirt for driveways & collect payments for driveways
         ♦  Unstop pipes and drains
         ♦  Remove storm debris
         ♦  Create and maintain road signs

Dirt roads should be traveled with caution because of washouts and slick conditions at a speed of no more than 35 mph or less when conditions are bad. Traffic should always slow down and use caution when Road Department Employees and equipment are on the road for paved and dirt roads alike.

  Vanessa Sylvester
Administrative Secretary

Fleet Maintenance

Forrest Bread
Shop Supervisor, Mechanic

  Noah McCurdy
  Maintain county vehicles and equipment  

Building Maintenance

  Tim Wiggins
Maintenance Supervisor
  Nate Martin
Maintenance Assistance


 The Building Maintenance Department provides the following services to Turner County Residents:
Maintain all county buildings and grounds.

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