Joe Saxon
County Manager

The County Manager’s office is responsible for the implementation of all policies, programs, contracts, ordinances, and resolutions as approved and directed by the Turner County Board of Commissioners. This office performs the administrative functions of the government, which support the activities of the Commissioners.  Turner County’s day-to-day operations are overseen by the County Manager, who is appointed by the Commission.  The County Manager directs the staff of Turner County to effectively perform all responsibilities of government under his or her control, in order to fulfill the mission of our county government.   The County Manager is also responsible for the preparation of the annual operating budget, and various capital budgets, which fund the services provided by the Board of Commissioners and many elected Constitutional Officers.   

Joseph D. Saxon was appointed the County Manager of Turner County in May 2018.  He possesses a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Columbus State University, as well as a Bachelors of Science Degree. Joe has over 28 years in government service and has served in various functions in County, City and State Government.

  Latrice Wilson
County Clerk
The Turner County Clerk serves as the official custodian of the Turner County seal and materials of public record for the Turner County Board of Commissioners and other County boards and authorities. Additional responsibilities include:

         ♦  Coordinating and distributing Board of Commissioners agendas and minutes
         ♦  Handling requests for public records
         ♦  Maintaining the Turner County Code of Ordinances
         ♦  Ensuring that the County adheres to the Georgia Open Meetings and Open Records acts
         ♦  Assisting with the processing of contracts
         ♦  Publishing and distributing all disclosures pursuant to the Turner County Code of Ethics
         ♦  Boards and Authorities Appointment Process

Marian Office
Payroll Clerk

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